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Convocation 2023
Kerala Agricultural University Campus

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കാര്‍ഷിക സര്‍വ്വകലാശാല വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍

About the Institution

Pepper Research Station, Panniyur, started in 1952 as part of a scheme to improve pepper cultivation, was uplifted to the status of a research station under the KAU in 1972. The station concentrates on crop improvement, crop management and crop protection aspects of black pepper . It is an important co-ordinating centre of the All India Co-ordinated Re-search Project on Spices of the ICAR. Besides research, nucleus planting materials of released varieties of black pepper, viz. Panniyur 1, Panniyur 2, Panniyur 3, Panniyur 4 and Panniyur 5 are also been distributed.

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Pepper Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Panniyoor Kerala 670142